Important Tips For Determining Post Retirement Needs

Planning for retirement is one of the most important steps in life that should be taken at the earliest. The monetary requirements stay with a person throughout life. When you can plan your retirement early, you can ensure that you have a secure, comfortable, and fun-filled future. Setting up retirement goals and objectives can set the right path. However, your goal should be measurable, specific, relevant, and attainable and should be accomplished in the desired period. Below are certain important tips to consider when you are trying to plan your retirement consultant Quincy and aim to fulfill the needs of the older age.

Know the Time Horizon for Retirement

The retirement planning you begin today is based on your current age, your current income, as well as the expected age of retirement. If there is a long-term horizon available, you can invest in more risky propositions and gain handsome returns without risk. For instance, those having more than 30 years until their retirement can invest in stocks that have often provided better returns when compared to other kinds of securities such as debt funds and bonds. However, bonds are a less risky option that should be utilized if your Quincy retirement planning companies time horizon is smaller and is 10 years or less.

Determine the Expenditures Post Retirement

Many people assume that after retirement they would be spending less. The majority think that they would be spending 70% or 80% of what they are spending today after they are retired. However, this assumption does not come to be true in real-world situations. Post-retirement, there are unforeseen and sudden medical expenditures and other bills and expenditures such as mortgage bills, relocation expenditures, or expenses made towards the children. A more appropriate assumption would be that you would be spending the same (100%) that you are spending today before retirement. Each year the prices of commodities as well as living rise. While healthcare is improving, its rate and prices are also increasing. Money, therefore, has a depreciating value, and you should be calculating your expenses post-retirement carefully after evaluating and considering all relevant aspects.

Know the Taxation on Your Investments

It would be unwise to calculate the returns on the investment you make before retirement in absolute terms. The tax rate should also be considered, as you would be getting the returns only after the taxes are deducted from the accumulated amount. Most people may assume a return rate of more than 10%, which may not be reasonable. You can also consult the expert and proficient Cape cod retirement services and the professionals that can guide you better on this and many other aspects of financial planning for retirement.

Estate Planning

Planning for the real estate and the properties you own is also another important aspect of retirement planning. For it, you may need the expert and comprehensive services offered by the leading financial service providers for retirement in Cape cod and USA. Services of professionals including accountants and lawyers may be required as well. Such a plan will help you distribute your property based on your liking.


While planning retirement, you should not forget the risks and should try to calculate your returns based on them. A rule of thumb says that you should be saving approximately 15% of your annual earnings for your retirement goals. Fortunately, there are leading retirement planning services providers available in Massachusetts and the USA that can take care of all your Quincy retirement tax planning needs including investment and estate planning.

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